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Chemical Engineering Reference Book Fluidization, Solids Handling, and Processing - Industrial Application

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This volume, Fluidization, Solids Handling, and Processing, is the first of a series of volumes on "Particle Technology" to be published by Noyes Publications with Professor L. S. Fan of Ohio State University as the consulting editor. Particles are important products of chemical process industries spanning the basic and specialty chemicals, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, paints, dyestuffs and pigments, cement, ceramics, and electronic materials. Solids handling and processing technologies are thus essential to the operation and competitiveness of these industries. Fluidization technology is employed not only in chemical production, it also is applied in coal gasification and combustion for power generation, mineral processing, food processing, soil washing and other related waste treatment, environmental remediation, and resource recovery processes. The FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) technology commonly employed in the modern petroleum refineries is also based on fluidization principles.

There are many books published on the subjects of fluidization, solids handling, ad processing. However, the Author found that some industrially important subjects were either not covered in those books or were skimpily rendered. He felt that it would be a service to the profession and the engineering community to assemble all these topics in one volume. In this book, he has invited recognized experts in their respective areas to provide a detailed treatment of those industrially important subjects. The subject areas covered in this book were selected based on two criteria: (1) the subjects are of industrial importance, and (2) the subjects have not been covered extensively in books published to date.

The primary emphasis of the book is for industrial applications and the primary audience is expected to be the practitioners of the art of fluidization, solids handling, and processing. It will be particularly beneficial for engineers who operate design plants where solids are handled, transported, and processed using fluidization technology. The book, however, can also be useful as a reference book for students, teachers, and managers who study the particle technology especially in the areas of application of fluidization technology and pneumatic transport.

Key Features:

Focuses on industrially important subjects not covered in other texts.

Useful reference for students, teachers and managers who study particle technology.

Particularly beneficial for engineers who operate or design plants where solids are handled, transported, and processed using fluidization technology.


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